Zoo to You

Animal Outreach

Animal outreach programs are available within Minot and the surrounding area. Outreach programs may be formal or informal. Our Zoo to You program runs Monday thru Friday. The focus is “hands on” encounters with the goal of educating participants of: wildlife understanding, physical characteristics and adaptations of the selected species, and conservation awareness of issues facing their wild counterparts.
Our programs are suited for all ages. A typical program will include one selected encounter provided by one or two staff members. The program is designed to consist of 30 minutes (including Q&A, and hands on interaction) for up to 50 participants. A list of outreach programs is provided below. Rules and restrictions may apply depending on weather and the needs of the selected species. Per RPZ policy, temperatures under 0 degrees Fahrenheit (including wind chill temperatures) will result in the cancellation or postponement of any presentation that includes a live animal. Informational speaking engagements regarding the animals or programs of the Roosevelt Park Zoo will be subject to the stated prices for the group size.  Please contact the Zoo Educator for specific information.

Outreach Program Animals

  • Yellow-Banded & Blue/Black Poison Dart Frogs**
  • Chinchilla
  • Domestic Ferret
  • Rex Rabbit
  • Corn Snake
  • Ball Python
  • Kenyan Sand Boa
  • Hedgehog*
  • African Spurred Tortoise
  • Russian Tortoise
  • Bearded Dragon
  • Bio-facts and Animal Tracks – NEW!! – An assortment of bio-facts and animal tracks will be displayed during this Zoo to You visit.
  • Informational Career outreach with an available RPZoo staff member – may or may not include a live animal.

*Indicates animals that cannot be touched by the spectators
**Indicates animals that may not be handled by the presenter or spectators. They may be shown in a clear container.


All outreach visits must be scheduled at least 2 weeks in advance.  Outreach programs are scheduled to coordinate with staff availability.  Programs typically run Monday through Friday during regular business hours (9am-4:30pm). Evening or weekend programs are also available at an additional charge.**
Service clubs, and the like, are provided a general Zoo presentation which highlights the Zoo’s history, current statistics, and plans for the future. Animal presentations are not available when food is present.

Standard fees*

A standard fee of $25 includes preparation, driving, set up/tear down and presentation time. Mileage fees will apply to groups outside of Minot city limits. Mileage is calculated by multiplying the current IRS mileage rate by the # of miles traveled, round trip. Please refer to the following chart for specific fee information.

Minot Local public and private schools $25.00 within city limits
Schools outside of Minot city limits $25.00 plus mileage, out of city limits
Preschools and Daycares

(Short program lasting 15 – 20 minutes)

$25.00, within city limits

$25.00 plus mileage, out of city limits

Nursing Homes/Assisted living centers

(Short program lasting 15 – 20 minutes)

$25.00 within city limits
$25.00 plus mileage, out of city limits
Service Clubs Free within city limits

$25.00 plus mileage, out of city limits

Miscellaneous groups $25.00 within city limits

$25.00 plus mileage, out of city limits

Libraries $25.00 within city limits

$25.00 plus mileage, out of city limits

*Fees are subject to change

**Evening or weekend programs require special staffing considerations. Our standard fee will be doubled to $50, plus any applicable mileage fees.


Assembly Presentations

Off-site large assembly presentations may be made at the discretion of the Zoo Educator or Zoo Director. Assembly presentations generally last 1 hour, including set up/tear down time. Animals available for assembly presentations will depend of the distance and location of the presentation. Mileage fees will apply for any group outside of Minot city limits.

Group size: 51-100 people
101-200 people
201-300 people


Special Considerations

Groups requesting significant changes to the standard program or multiple animals in one visit may incur additional costs. The pricing will be determined by the Zoo Educator upon booking the program.

Contact Information

Nicole Goshen
Zoo Educator
Office: 701-857-4166
Office hours: 8am – 4:30pm M-F

Conditions for Animal Outreach Program

It is a well established fact that educational opportunities are greatly enhanced by close-up observation and contact with live animals. People who are engaged in this type of experience are often impacted in such a way that they will never forget it. They develop an emotional reaction to the animal and become more concerned and aware of conservation issues facing species and habitat survival throughout the world. Since educating the public is an integral part of our mission, the use of live animals is one of the most important tools we have to achieve our institution’s educational goals.

The Roosevelt Park Zoo outreach program requires the following conditions from your facility/group to ensure a safe, educational, and successful program.

  • Noise should be kept to a minimum from audience members. High levels of noise can stress the animal.
  • The facility should maintain an indoor temperature of at least 60°F but no more than 75°F for the comfort of the animal.
  • Outdoor presentations will be held only if the temperature is between 60-90°F as many of the animals especially reptiles cannot regulate their internal body temperatures well.
  • The Roosevelt Park Zoo will not transport animals off-site during severe weather including extreme cold temperatures for the safety of the animal. Temperatures lower than 0°F (including wind chill temperature) will warrant cancellation of a presentation. The decision to cancel and reschedule a visit is made at the discretion of the Roosevelt Park Zoo staff.
  • Outreach program sites should be free of any potentially dangerous materials such as balloons, whistles, firecrackers, etc or any item or behavior that may threaten the safety or comfort level of the outreach animal.
  • Please do not allow any animal other than those brought by zoo staff (ADA service animals excluded) to the program site.
  • Animal presentations may not be held in the vicinity of food or drink as stipulated by the USDA.
  • Hand sanitizer or proper hand washing is required with any hands on contact with the animal. Caution touching reptile specimen should be used for children under the age of 2, persons with compromised immune systems, and pregnant women.

The Roosevelt Park Zoo staff reserves the right to end a program should the animal show any signs of stress, unusual behavior, overheat, chilled, etc. The utmost consideration is given to the physical and psychological well being of every animal.

The Roosevelt Park Zoo staff may switch out animal specimens for programs if the previously requested animal is deemed unusable at the time of the program. This may occur if the animal is stressed, sick or in the case of snakes shedding. The Roosevelt Park Zoo will attempt to inform the group of an animal change if time permits.