Early Childhood Education

Zoo Tot Classes

 Come let the world surround you as you and your child explore all there is to learn about our animal friends. Zoo Tot classes combine an “on your own exploratory” playtime featuring crafts, sensory bins and educational stations, along with structured circle time, sing-a-long and an animal encounter. Play activities are incorporated into each Zoo Tot class in order to foster science learning by encouraging observation, exploration, and discovery.

Time: 10:00-11:00am
Date: Offered Thursdays and Fridays
Ages: 2-5 years
Cost for Nature Play & Zoo Letters: $8 for zoo members $10 for nonmembers
Cost for Cooking Creation: $10 for zoo members $12 for nonmembers

Zoo Letters

From A to Zoo there are so many fascinating animals to explore when learning the alphabet. In this class you and your toddler will learn the letters of the alphabet through songs, stories, crafts, and more. Each Zoo Letter class will feature a meet n greet with an Ambassador animal.

Nature Play

Whether we’re exploring nature indoors or outside there is so much to be discovered. Be a part of the fun with sensory bins, dramatic role play, circle time and crafts. Each Nature Play class will feature a meet-n-greet with an Ambassador animal.

Cooking Creation

Join us in creating a tasty treat as you and your toddler participate in some zoo fun. Class may include stories, songs, zoo exploration and crafts.
**Wheat products, gluten, eggs, dairy, and nuts may be used in cooking class.

January Classes

J1   Nature Play- I Spy                                      January 11 or January 12                           I spy with my little eye something… yellow! Discover all the little things hiding in nature as we explore the world around us with our senses.

J2   Cooking Creation- Wise Owl                    January 18 or January 19                    Let’s learn what makes owls so wise while we decorate rice cakes with fruit and other yummy goodies to create our own tasty treat.

February Classes

F1   Zoo Letters: A is for Alligator                 February 1 (full) or February 2               From A to Z, there’s so much to discover about the alphabet at the zoo.

F2   Nature Play- The Heart                            February 8 (4 spaces left) or February 9       Let’s get our blood pumping as we explore through nature what makes the heart so important.

F3   Cooking Creation- Cookie Claws           February 15 (Full) or February 16 (full)     Lions, tigers and bears OH MY! In this zoo tot cooking class we’ll decorate cookies to look like the claws of our favorite critters.

March Classes

M1   Zoo Letters: B is for Bear                         March 1 (Full) or March 2                      From A to Z, there’s so much to discover about the alphabet at the zoo.

M2   Nature Play- Reptiles                                March 8 or March 9 (full)                       From sticky tongues to scaly bodies come explore what makes reptiles so cool.

M3   Cooking Creation- Bird Nest                    March 15 (full) or March 16                   Look up and explore what critters live high up in the trees. In this zoo tot cooking class we’ll transform pretzels, candy eggs, and other yummy goodies into a birds nest that’s sure to please our feathered friends.

April Classes

A1   Zoo Letters- C is for Caterpillar                April 5 (full) or April 6                              From A to Z, there’s so much to discover about the alphabet at the zoo.

A2   Nature Play- Spring                                   April 12 (full) or April 13                          It’s that time of year again. We’ll look to nature as we explore what the critters have been up to now that they weather is warm up, the grass is turning green and the flowers are blooming.

A3   Cooking Creation- Pollinator Pizza          April 19 (full) or April 20                       You’ll soon discover why pollinators are so important in this tasty class. Using vegetables, pineapple and pepperoni you’ll create your own personal pizza.

May Classes

B1   Zoo Letters: D is for Duck                           May 3 (full) or May 4 (call to register)                  From A to Z, there’s so much to discover about the alphabet at the zoo.

B2   Nature Play- Animal Moms                         May 10 (full) or May 11 (3 spots left)               Animal moms know just how to care for their little ones. Come see what makes them so great in this Nature Play class.

B3   Cooking Creation- Slithering Snake          May 17 (call to register) or May 18 (call to register)                                   Discover what makes snakes so slithering, while you transform dough and a hotdog into a snake on a log.

 Class Details

Zoo Tot classes are approximately 1 hour in length. Classes will be held inside the auditorium of Roosevelt Park Zoo’s visitor center. Registered participants only need to arrive a few minutes before the class start time. Auditorium doors will open 10 minutes before class starts. The registration fee for class includes 1 child ages 2-5 and 1 adult caregiver. Due to the size and structure of Zoo Tots, additional adults will not be allowed.

Classes are designed for a caregiver to interact with and help facilitate in the learning of their child. In order to best serve all of our Zoo Tot participants, unregistered children may not be able to attend. An exception for infants will be made for adults who can still fully participate with their registered child. Younger and older children are welcome to register for class, please keep in mind that programs are geared to a specific age range and may not contain age appropriate activities for children outside of that range.


Space is limited to 12 participants per class. Registration is available online, by calling the zoo or during your next zoo visit.

Date Changes / Cancellations / Refunds

Cancellations and date changes must be made two weeks prior to scheduled programs. No refunds will be issued for cancellations within two weeks of the program date. No refunds will be issued for missed classes.